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UFABET 147 can be played faster, more value, more secure from our website. Football or soccer is a team sport played between two teams, each of which has 11 players using the ball. It is widely considered to be the most popular sport in the world.

By playing on a rectangular lawn or artificial turf With the goal in the center at the end of the field on both sides The goal is to score by using the foot to get the ball into the opponent’s goal. แทงบอล

In general play

the goalkeeper is the only player who can use his hands or arms with the ball, with the exception of banning the penalty area or the 25-yard box in front of the goal. Other players will use their feet to kick the ball to the desired position.

Sometimes the body or head may be used to extract a football that floats in the air. In which the team that leads the soccer ball to the goal of the opponent is more likely to win If the scores are equal, they are considered tie.

But in some games that are tied at regular intervals and need to find a winner, then there must be extra time And / or penalty shootout depending on the rules of the match. The modern play rules are compiled in England by the Football Association of England in the year 1863,

the rules of football were created as a guideline. Current play Football at the international level will be organized by FIFA. The most prestigious international competition is the World Cup, which is held every 4 years.

Football playing rules

In football, there are 17 universal rules that are used in football around the world. The rules may be modified for kids and girls football, 90-120 meters long and 70-90 meters wide, with the edge of the long side of the field is called “side line”

while the edge of the wide side is called The “goal line” with the crossbar is centered on the goal line at a height of 2.44 meters (8 feet) above the ground. And the goal posts shall be 7.4 meters (8 yards) apart,

the posts and crossbar must be white The net will be stretched behind the door. However, the goal net is not specified in the International Rules. In front of the door is the penalty area.

Which shows the area where the goalkeeper can hold the ball And still used to penalty kicks

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